Arada teams up with Zad outlets to provide free meals for healthcare workers at Sharjah hospitals

News: 14 April 2020

Arada has joined hands with a number of partners at Zad, the new food destination in the Aljada megaproject, to provide free meals for healthcare workers at major hospitals in Sharjah.

The measure is one of a slew of new initiatives that Arada is announcing to support the Sharjah community as it copes with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first delivery of free meals took place last Saturday 11 April, when a team from Arada collected packaged lunches from four Zad outlets: Cracked, Falafelz, Kullaj Omar and Sushi Station.

In total, 150 meals were prepared, packaged and then delivered to Al Qassimi Hospital, one of Sharjah’s largest, where healthcare employees have been working hard to combat the pandemic.

Arada will arrange for another delivery to Kuwait Hospital in Al Qadisiya on Wednesday 15 April, and will continue to provide free meals for staff at both hospitals on a weekly basis until further notice.

Several further initiatives to support the local community will be announced in the coming days.