Arada goes green to power Madar at Aljada

Arada goes green to power Madar at Aljada

News: 19 July 2020

Arada has turned to solar energy to power the recently opened Madar at Aljada, the UAE’s latest family entertainment destination.

The move is in line with Arada’s development approach, which requires the incorporation of sustainable solutions and energy-efficient designs wherever possible.

An initial 250 square metre solar farm based next to Aljada’s site office has now been supplemented by a second 1,600 square metre installation, which is now powering the entire Madar at Aljada complex.

This includes the Aljada Discovery Centre, food district and drive-thru destination Zad, the drive-in cinema and the extensive lighting required for all outdoor areas.

The solar farm being installed by Arada is be able to cover up to 95% of daytime demand, while backup diesel generators provide power during the night and when the sun is not shining.

The introduction of renewable energy to Sharjah’s largest megaproject follows a promise on the part of the developer to make Aljada a next-generation smart and sustainable city.

Among the innovations to be introduced at the 24 million square foot project are a Sustainability Lane for electric vehicles, smart parking, smart solar-powered lighting and ‘circular’ offices. The aim of these initiatives will be to provide everyone who visits the destination with technology that adds value, improves quality of life, saves money and also supports the environment.

At Madar at Aljada, which has three phases, Arada has already committed to ensuring that the lighting requirements for the district are provided entirely by renewable energy. In addition, smart LED street lighting throughout Aljada will provide significant cost savings in the long term, as well as reducing urban carbon emissions.

As well as the commitment towards smart technology and sustainable practices, Arada is also working hard to create a green, lushly landscaped area in the heart of Sharjah.

More than 5,000 trees have been planted at Madar at Aljada’s first phase and in the process of building the complex, Arada also carefully relocated 25 ghaf trees – the UAE’s national tree – to new locations on the site.